[Xin giúp đỡ] Về việc đưa webservice lên mạng

Lê Lộc

Mình vừa hoàn thành 1 webservice bằng Java, chạy local đã ngon lành, bây giờ mình muốn đưa nó lên mạng, nhưng không biêt phải làm sao.
Host của java free khó nhằn quá, google search làm theo 1 số cái cũng không được.
Anh/Chị/Bạn nào có bài hướng dẫn và host free để đưa webservice lên mạng thì hướng dẫn mình với.
Mình cảm ơn rất nhiều.


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Le Loc,
your nick is very belligerent. Are you at war with your people? Due to your nick and after a long consideration I answer your question (if I understand you correctly). To đưa nó lên mạng for the web you have 2 choices:
a) Acquire a public domain like this site
b) Do a Port Forwarding. In this case you have to ask your provider for a STATIC IP and that may cost you some bucks more. Why static IP? Static IP is different from a dynamic IP in its use. Static IP stays unchanged when you restart your MODEM-ROUTER, even they were off for weeks or months. Dynamic IP is any IP that was taken from an IP pool and assigned to your MODEM-ROUTER when you connected to the web. Every provider has several IP pools. That means when you shutdowned your MODEM-ROUTER for several hours, then turned them on you might get a new IP from the IP pool. And that makes any PORT FORWARDING unreliable.
How to forward a port? Every Modem-Router has its own specifications and configuration. What you have to do is to pick the right one from HERE and follow its instruction.
1) http://congdongjava.com/forum <-- the public domain name congdongjava.com replaces the forgettable and tedious long IP number
2) <---Port Forwarding of IP of port 4567

Good luck
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