Worldwide Collective CO2 Hype


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Since Elon Musk starts his ingenious Marketing Blitz with his Tesla car the world goes mad. The worldwide hype about eCar is incredible and stupid. Let's talk objectively about the facts:
  • The charging time is still unsatisfactorily long. If the time is more than 10 min. the plain users perceive an eternity of the charging process and eCar becomes the expensive toy for the rich who have several toys in reserve. The "average" charging time is ~30 minutes (more: HERE). Battery exchange is NOT the real solution.
  • The stowed energy in eCar (i.e. battery) is so huge that the danger of explosion or conflagration is far more a reality than a combustion car. The downplay of this danger won't eliminate the reality of the physics. In some German counties, for example, eCars are prohibited to park in park house or underground. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends eCar should be parked far away from house (click HERE). More about eCar conflagration: watch this:
  • The CO2 reduction is more than a cheeky lie. It's the deceiving of the people. The extraction and production of Lithium and Nickel generate more CO2 than the extraction and production of petroleum. Additionally to that the weight of an eCar is between 300 to 500 Kg heavier than a combustion car. Meaning that an unknown CO2 volume is released by the additional weight in comparison to a similar combustion car (more: HERE).
  • The electricity must be somehow generated. Hydro plants, Wind turbines and solar farms are currently "underdeveloped" and are not enough for additional eCar consumption. Nuclear powerplants are not feasible everywhere. Then? Electricity must be won again from coal or fuel/gas (more HERE). And that is the real sources of eCar CO2.
  • It is estimated that there are currently about 1.4 billion cars running on this planet Earth (more: HERE). A replacement of these cars will cause an incalculable waste of resources and produces an unimaginable volume of CO2.
  • The Synthetic and Bio fuel technology is not only available (e.g. ethanol) but also worldwide in use (e.g. in the EU or Brazil). Synthetic and bio fuel base on plants (and food and human wastes) and are 100% CO2 neutral. More: HERE and HERE.
  • Electric Military jetfighters, planes, tanks, ships and commercial airplanes are not available and are the tremendous CO2 sources. The world is full of such CO2-things. More: HERE
Long live to the collective hype and the worldwide hypocrisy....
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