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Newbies or Non-Newbies, if you develop app on WINDOWS or LINUX for Smartphone with ANDROID (or IOS) using whatever emulaltor (e.g. Andoid Studio for Windows or Genymotion for Linux, etc.) you have firstly downloaded the package and install it on your machine. Then you have to set up the global environment for your emulator (e.g. PATH, CLASSPATH, etc.) Normally thing works after a successful installation. BUT some time it won't after the installation, even no error messages were issued. The reasons are mostly:
  1. Your OS version is too new or too old for the emulator version. In this case you have to check for the match between your OS and emulator version. How? Check with the supports of your emulator for the working version.
  2. You have downloaded the emulator from an unofficial site. Download the original from the original source. For example, Android Studio from HERE and how to install is HERE for Windows and Linux, or Genymotion from HERE for LINUX Ubuntu and check HERE for the installation procedure
  3. If it won't work at the very first time you should read carefully the error messages and decide how to solve the problems. A panic leads to nowhere. Asking around (here or Stackoverflow) is the worst for a wanna-be developer. Understanding the OS (Windows or Linux) is preconditioned for a successful work with Android emulator. Android is itself a variance of LINUX hence a Windows user should acquire some basic LINUX knowledge before (s)he can work with Android emulator.
  4. Analyze the error messages for the possible missing pieces. Usually it will work if you've carefully read the installation procedure and followed exactly the instructions (e.g. PATH, CLASSPATH, etc.)
  5. If it won't work, uninstall, download again and reinstall it, then follow the installation procedure.
If it still won't work....you are sorrily not destined to become an Android Developer.