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Welcome Joe. Let's interview our new moderator

Discussion in 'Thông báo' started by JackV, 5/3/13.

  1. JackV

    JackV Administrator Staff Member

    Hello everybody. Our community has more java pro, he is sharing and helping any one as brother, he is Joe, therefore i suggested him to be our community moderator, he is sociable.

    Let's welcome Joe by an interview.

    This is the first interview for you, Joe.

    Write out some thing about in your mind, please :D
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  2. Joe

    Joe Thành viên VIP

    Hello everyone, Hi CongdonJava folk,
    Bonjour tout le monde,
    Guten Tag Leute,
    Chao cac ban,

    first of all I'd like to thank JackV and Tranhuyvc who allow me to plague and to ravage this forum. Even I couldn't write well in Vietnamese but they heave me to this position -a Moderator- WOW! Either they're crazy OR I'm crazy:).

    Before I reveal my mind about CongdongJava I want to tell you something about me. I am a Franco-German. My mother is a German, my father is a French Catalan (Southern France -Pyrénées Orientales). But I live and work most of the time in San Diego - California. I own a little Software company in SD and teach occasionally Computer Science in an US College.

    CongdongJava folk is unbelievably lovely and friendly. You all earn my respect for your tolerance and kindness. It's not that I don't want to write in Vietnamese. It's because I don't master it very well. My Vietnamese American girlfriend tries hard to teach me Vietnamese. Hearing, speaking and reading are never my big problem, but writing. It's a real headache for me with the numerous accents that VO LU LUON me every time when I try to write.

    What I learn here is astounding. Young people like you are so eager to master a subject that's not only new but also very complicated for even European or American. Once we, me and my girl, were in Vietnam (2010) I wanted to help some people, but my girl wasn't pleased. She asked me instead to share my computer knowledge with the young Vietnamese generation. Money can be spent and gone, knowledge can help and stays with you forever. I pondered over her arguments and...that was the reason I started to join you -the wonderful folk of CondongJava.

    Anyway, if I have some harsh words against you I never mean any offense. It's the way to make you thinking. And thinking will make you wise. I'll help everyone here -regardless of boys or girls. BUT I never spoonfeed anyone. That will spoil you. A spoiled SW-developer is a SW-bug producer. And that isn't good for you and for the future of your country.
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  3. rimocchino

    rimocchino Member

    hi Joe, JackV and Tranhuyvc are not crazy because they know we -'s member can study not only programming knowledge from you but also improve the English skill , so maybe you are :P i'm just kidding :P

    :x "Money can be spent and gone, knowledge can help and stays with you forever." :x
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  4. JackV

    JackV Administrator Staff Member

    It's the one of many reason which i got and invited you to become our community moderator. You don't fool anyone by your help, provide knowledge for anyone to resolved their problem by their self, it's my rule too.

    And your girlfriend feel happy to help you translate Vietnamese-English, it's improve your vietnamese skill?
  5. khangphamngoc90

    khangphamngoc90 Algorithms Master Staff Member

    Congratulations Joe!
    Hope you will help our forum more and more..:)
  6. Joe

    Joe Thành viên VIP

    Bonjour le peuple de CongdongJava,
    lots of thanks for your warm welcome:x. And JackV, my girl told me that her Vietnamese is not very up-to-date. People write things she didn't understand... I guess she learns Vietnamese secretly ;) too before she tries to tell me what it is.
  7. thien_menh

    thien_menh Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Joe

    Thanks for your knowledge sharing from the past until now. We learned a lot from you.

  8. JackV

    JackV Administrator Staff Member

    Sometime i get confusion too, Vietnam with North-Central-South-East-West locaion, each locality has its own cultural identity and different way for using vietnamese. For young people, they are using natural spoken language, you already know.
    Đọc vô lú luôn > google: Read countless Floods always, but exactly it is "đọc vô cảm thấy lú lẫn luôn" and the word by word is: Đọc vô (Read In) cảm thấy (feel) lú lẫn(confusion), google: Read detached feel confusion always, me: read and feel confusion at all.

    And do you always try to find out as much as possible way to resolve one programing problem?
  9. Joe

    Joe Thành viên VIP

    Yes, JackV. It's a matter of fact. As a college lecturer (or associate professor) I do. My main subjects are
    -Problem-Oritented Programming Language or POPL,
    -Object-Oriented Programming Language or OOPL and
    -Object-Oriented Database or OODB and the Accessing methods.
    If I have enough time I'll tell the CongdongJava folk why XML becomes so popular and why XML is an excellent tool for OODB and will replace SQL. By the way, SQL is... outdated :(and RDB has already reached its limit:((.

    Hello Thien_menh.
    You exaggerate a bit, right?
  10. Nancru

    Nancru CongDongJava Project Leader Staff Member

    Hi Joe,
    How can XML replace SQL? I think it's hard when reading a very large xml file. Ex: 1gb, 2gb.
    How about NoSql? How about
  11. Joe

    Joe Thành viên VIP

    Hello Nancru,
    I understand what you talked about. However it's not about WHAT it is, but HOW it is. If you work already with an IDE you'e already used XML for your deployment and project management. Have you ever been aware that you run unconsciously XML as an OO-Accessing language to command and to describe different, unrelated objects you work with? Can you imagine all that with SQL? That's what I mean. It's similar with a human language. I speak German (mother tongue), French (father tongue), English (as an American), Vietnamese (because of my girl) and Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese). You know, if I look at a thick dictionary I may ask myself why I pay so much effort for a language... just in order to say "Anh yeu em:">" (I love you)?
  12. Joe

    Joe Thành viên VIP

    Good morning JackV
    My girlfriend laughed and thanked you for this precious hint. She was born in the US but her parents come from Cantho. She was in troubles when we were in Vietnam and visited her relatives. The kids spoke a "different" language as she told me:)) And, well, I learn a lot of new Vietnamese here, but we, my girl and me, still have difficulty to decipher all the abbreviations used by this CongdongJava folk.

    Bonjour tout le monde de CongdongJava
    you probably know something about me. Well, as a moderator, I have the obligation to tell you more about my education and profession. I graduated from Stanford University ( as a Master of Computer Science in 1998, but I already worked with SUN (Stanford University Network) since 1994, later as a Senior Network developer, then Network Project Manager and left SUN in 2010 (as ORACLE acquired SUN) -not in protest over the acquisation. Today, I own a little SW company, give occasionally OODB/OODBMS lectures in a college and enjoy a free life, lots of time for my girl and.... for CondongJava.
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  13. Nancru

    Nancru CongDongJava Project Leader Staff Member

    Hi Joe,
    Can you open an online-course to teach something you are master at. Like Artificial Intelligence?
  14. Joe

    Joe Thành viên VIP

    Morning Nancru,
    avec plaisir ! - with pleasure! ...AI, OODB/OODB Management System...whatever you folk like. But I don't know if CongdongJava folk is interested. These issues are all as heavy as lead and require some knowledge in Fuzzy Logic, Probability theory and Problem-Object-oriented computing theory.

    If people are interested I'll do.
  15. Nancru

    Nancru CongDongJava Project Leader Staff Member

    Hi Joe,
    Idk what people want, but it's a lot difficult when communicate with foreign people.
    So beside the technical we can learn, english ís important too

  16. JackV

    JackV Administrator Staff Member

    i like it too but
    :(( how to master :bz
  17. Joe

    Joe Thành viên VIP

    Bonjour JackV,
    Morning Nancru,
    Chao cac ban CongdongJava,

    I'll prepare some papers for CongdongJava about AI, Probability and the others. Firstly it would be very superficially so that other young folk could follow, then when "knowledge" took roots we'd move a step further. However, One thing is sure: I can't and won't give you any "Certificate" signed by Joe T. Nartca with some official stamp;)
  18. Nancru

    Nancru CongDongJava Project Leader Staff Member

    Hi Joe,
    Certificate? Not need! Our brain is the best certificate ever.
    However, It's very useful and thankful , if we can get some your referrals in our CV, and the best is it link to your personal page or something, ex:Linkedin...
    Cheerful for our moderator and teacher aswell.
  19. Joe

    Joe Thành viên VIP

    Hello Nancru
    with my name? Of course.
    ...I have to think about that. Why you don't use CongdongJava as an institution for your own CV ? My company is specialized in very sensible things that I am unable and very reluctant to disclose. Nancru, mon bon ami, je suis terriblement désolé!:(
  20. Nancru

    Nancru CongDongJava Project Leader Staff Member

    It's fine, referrals is just words, the important is knowledge.

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