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Discussion in 'Tuyển dụng nhân sự CNTT - IT recruitment' started by Đàm Thơm Thảo, 4/12/17.

  1. Đàm Thơm Thảo

    Đàm Thơm Thảo New Member

    VNDIRECT là công ty chứng khoán trẻ, năng động, có uy tín trên thị trường. Từ năm 2017, Công ty chuyển đổi mô hình kinh doanh từ "FIN" truyền thống sang mô hình "FIN - TECH" hiện đại. Đi kèm với sự chuyển đổi, khối Công nghệ của VNDIRECT đã trở thành Khối nòng cốt quan trọng trong bộ máy công ty. Do đó, để phát triển toàn diện cho khối Công nghệ, VNDIRECT đang khát khao tìm kiếm các tài năng gia nhập với đại gia VNDIRECT nói chung và gia đình Công nghệ nói riêng.

    Các "Chuyên gia" lập trình quan tâm và muốn tìm hiểu sâu về VNDIRECT vui lòng liên hệ với VNDIRECT theo:

    - Email:
    - Mobile: 0915 148 128

    Thông tin chi tiết cho vị trí Backend Java Dev:
    1) Job description
    If you are an experienced Software Engineer with a strong drive to learn new technologies, a passion for creating beautifully designed robust systems, and a taste for taking difficult challenges, this position is for you.

    You will be joining our Software team to design and build the core products of the business - our online trading and financial information platforms.

    Your day to day tasks will include, but not be limited to, the following:

    - Brainstorm, design, and develop our software products - including our online platforms, databases, server side applications, client side applications.

    - Build, optimise and maintain high scalability and high availability systems that serve up to millions of users.

    - Collect, process, store and analyse our ever-growing customer and financial data.

    - Build action-enabled, real-time analytics dashboard that play a critical role in our business decisions.

    - Be pro-actively involved in the full Agile/Scrum product development life-cycle - that includes building and deploying in short iterations, analysing data and gaining valuable learnings along the way.

    2) Skills & Experience

    - You must be an expert in Object-Oriented Programming, while also have some experience in Functional Programming.

    - You must be highly proficient in Java programming language and the Spring / Spring MVC framework.

    - Additionally, knowing these languages is a big advantage: Javascript / NodeJS, Python, Scala, Go.

    - You should be experienced in building RESTful web services.

    - You should be familiar with build and deploy automation tools such as Maven, Hudson, Jenkins, Puppet, Docker, Vagrant…

    - You should have experience in Event Driven Programming and message queues based on ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, Kafka, etc.

    - You are familiar with concepts of Extreme Programming such as Test-Driven Development, Automated Test, Pair Programming.

    - Having knowledge in the financial market, or the stock market will be a plus (but don't worry if you haven't, you can learn all about how to be a successful stock investor after joining us!).

    3) Benefit

    - 13th month payment
    - Latest Macbook Pro
    - Annual hackathon events oversea
    - Exciting annual hackathon event oversea.
    - Team-building trips and company events
    - Dynamic, Friendly Environment and Roadmap Career

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