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The release of the newest version of Ubuntu is finally available. Its name is Jammy Jellyfish (Code Name: Focal Fossa). If you have an (old) Acer E15 with 1000 GB hard disk, 8 GB memory then you should think about an alternative Operating System (OS) that runs alongside with your Windows 10 (or 11). To do that you should partition the hard disk to make place for Jammy Jellyfish. The following Youtube shows you how to partition a hard disk and how to install Ubuntu 22.04.1 on an Acer E15 or on any Desktop PC:

Nothing can be wrong if you strictly follow the installation procedure, but somehow you cannot reboot into Ubuntu after restart your PC because your Acer E15 has different BIOS and UEFI boot system from the BIOS/UEFI of the good Youtube man. On Acer the boot process jumps directly to Windows boot manager and ignores the newly-created Ubuntu entry. So, you have no other choice than to "work" with Windows. Bad, very bad, huh?

Well, don't be panic! It isn't so bad as it looks like. The only thing you have to do is to dive into the firmware world of BIOS/UEFI. Acer E15 provides the two relevant Hotkeys:
  • F2: open the BIOS Menu
  • F12: open the Boot Menu.
To enter the BIOS Menu with F2 you have to make sure that Acer E15 is fully "powered off". To do that you press the POWER button and keep it "down" for a few seconds (ca. 10..30 seconds). And POWER button on then hit directly thereafter the F2 key quickly and repeatedly several times. Acer E15 opens the BIOS menu. The following Youtube shows you how to work with BIOS/UEFI of Acer PC:

Now it's the work for a real Computer Power-User. Suppose it was the very first installation of another OS.
1) First of all, cursor to location Main and move down with the "Down Arrow" to the line F12 Boot Menu and enable it
2) then move the cursor with the "West Arrow" to location Boot then down with the "Down Arrow" to line Secure Boot and press ENTER to enable it.
3) with the "Up Arrow" to go back to the upper menu bar. Move cursor to location Security with the "East Arrow", down to 3 lines
- Set Supervisor Password: a password of your choice
- Set User Password: set the same password
- Set HDD password: same
then to the line Select an UEFI file as trusted executing and press ENTER (see the second Youtube)
4) it shows HDD0
- press ENTER
- EFI appears. Select EFI and ENTER
- Boot is showed. Select Boot and ENTER
- some entries are showed. Select the Ubuntu Entry grubx64.efi OR shimx64.efi and hit ENTER. For my Acer E15 I have chosen shimx64.efi
5) make a meaningful description (or give a name), then select yes and press ENTER
6) exit/save

Your computer starts to boot...hit F12 quickly and repeatedly for several times and you get a Boot menu with Windows and Ubuntu (under your given name)....What you have to do is to select Ubuntu and hit ENTER. After a while Ubuntu comes up...with something like that:


Note: you see the folders Program files, Program files(x86) and Windows. They all belong to WINDOWS 10.
PS. this thread is posted with Ubuntu Yammy Jellyfish =D>
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