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Dear all freeloading advertisers,

I understand that you have to work for your living. But if you have ever seen a classroom from the inside you would learn that freeloading or parasiting is always against any good custom or tradition.

What would you say when someone intrudes your house and parasites your family, eats all the foods and demands money? You would be very angry and could be very violent against the intruder as the "parasite", right?

FreeLoader.jpg this is a freeloader. Riding on the back of the other...

Then why you post here your ads which are absolutely unrelated to the purposes of this site? This site is a place where people come and learn or contribute the "Cong Dong Java". What you do here with your cheap ads you abuse this site and parasite the people who come here. They don't come here to read your stupid ads, but to learn or to share their knowledge.

Ah, Knowledge. If you don't have any knowledge and have to work as a parasite that freeloads on the back of the others then you have undermined the development of your country and drag your Vietnam down to the bottom of the most underdeveloped level. Vietnam won't deserve this fate. Think about that and stop freeloading and parasiting.

I have seen in and other online papers about rich people who openly coquette their wealth without reddening their ape face :(|). For example, a new rich gifted his newly-wed (tofu-brain) wife a supercar (2.6 to 2.9 Mio. US-Dollar)

alt text

while the poor farmers in the North have no money for a decent barn to save their cattle from the icy weather. These new rich are the worst parasites. They make Vietnam not only looking like a primitive country, but also gouging money out of the (poor) people and spend it as if they wanted to make fun out of the poor: "See, I can afford this or that and you, poor shit? =))"

PS. I am tired, very tired to clean up your shitty ads on this site..
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