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Hiện tại bạn nào đang ở Biên Hòa có đam mê java thì cùng lập team để giao lưu học hỏi.
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Hiện tại bạn nào đang ở Biên Hòa có đam mê java thì cùng lập team để giao lưu học hỏi.
One of the rules of Quy tắc hỗ trợ khi hoạt động trên cộng đồng java
  • Post và theo dõi trao đổi, không post email.
Normally I should delete your posting. This Forum is NOT dedicated for people who use it as a fee-free platform to establish a private group.
Anyone who wants to contact you, or you want to contact the other you can post your wish into his/her INBOX or use the CHATBOX.

Excerpt from TechHive
Don't let Facebook's single sign-on expose your awkward moments
Maybe you’ve already used your Facebook or Twitter account to sign in to other apps or services, and been burned. Maybe you’ve watched a NSFW video that a social site then posted to your Facebook Timeline. (Yeah, that happened.) Or maybe you’ve planned your dream wedding through Pinterest without realizing that your friends could see your activity—and you’re not engaged. Or even in a relationship.

Social logins can embarrass you, but they can also make your life easier. Hey, it’s one fewer username and password to remember...
or Chicago Tribune
When you use social media, you're putting yourself out there. Tweeting, liking, Instagramming -- you have to be willing to share when you decide to share.

But that doesn't mean you have to expose everything. With a few little adjustments, your social media experience can still be social but more controlled. Here are a few examples of quick things you can do.

Twitter: Don't broadcast your location. If you don't check your settings, it's easy to post where you are when you tweet. Sometimes, it's just a neighborhood or city, but maybe that's still too much information for your comfort level. Check your phone settings and turn off location and you won't end up in a "tweets near me" search.

Google+: Turn off Auto Backup. To hear Google tell it, Auto Backup is the most convenient thing since macaroni and cheese. You take a photo or video with your mobile device and it's automatically uploaded to Google+ without you doing a thing....​

So be careful with your privacy and don't distribute your email and facebook as if they were your business card
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