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Model-view-controller With Pure Java S W I N G

Discussion in 'Java Update' started by Joe, 12/12/19.

  1. Joe

    Joe Thành viên VIP

    Here is the SWING-MVC package. Due to size restriction I have separated the MVC.pdf document (40 pages:, joemvc.jar (the compiled SWING package) and the zip file of
    • directory proto: this directory contains the ProtoTyping app (see picture) and its subdirectory classes where the compiled codes and files for the app are stored (see the buil.bat if your OS is Windows)
    • directory example: this directory contains some the examples showing you how to work with SWINGLoader and the subdirectory model where all models for the examples are stored
    The ProtoTyping app

    Before double clicks on Modelling.jar or run "java -jar Modelling.jar" on a CMD window you should have to setup the CLASSPATH with joemvc.jar. Example on Windows
    ProtoTyping allows you to "modeling" a view without having to develop parallelly the View and the Controller.

    If you would like to have the sources of the SWING-MVC package you could contact Mr. Thanhpv or Admin quydtkt. Bug report can be directed to me.

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  2. Joe

    Joe Thành viên VIP

    As I worked on the prototyping for the OODB Server I was aware about a problem of the Controller which in some cases did require more parameters than the only defined HashMap. So I've enhanced the package with the third constructor for SWINGLoader:
    public SWINGLoader(String modelString ControllerString[] parms)
    and here it is. Btw, I've enhanced the ProtoTyping app, too.

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