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Hi CongDongJava folk,

You Want To Make Money;) ? Well, Android app is too small and probably impossible for those who want to be rich:(, but it good enough :)to keep you afloat, free you from some trivial mundane worries. Making money with Software is quite easy:

- You start to learn the most popular programming language: C++ or Java...
- You pick the most popular OS on the market: Android or Windows...
- You begin to study the Operating Systems..
- You Google for several examples...

Then...Here you go...

But as you try to write your first money-making app you sit there and your head is suddenly empty. The whole tedious learning and memorizing Java/C++, Android/Windows seem to evaporate into Nirvana. Your Eclipse, your Glasfish, your MySQL, your NetBeans, and all the examples appear useless, unsuitable for your Money-Making idea. Idea? Have you an idea how your app would be ? You begin to doubt yourself and it's helluva unbearable...

No! No! And again, no! You shouldn't become desperate and doubt yourself because there's
- Only 1 Mark Zuckerberg out of 7 billion walking humanoids,
- Only 1 Bill Gates out of 7 billion walking Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens,
- Only 1 Larry Page and 1 Sergey Brin out of 7 billion walking Androids...

However, Money-Making with Software requires an abstract way of thinking, a genuine marketing imagination and an unflappable will. If you don't "possess" all these 3 character traits you should apply for a job as an employee and your life is 100% very peaceful.

I give you here the possible Money-Making idea in the US and EU. It's a Mega-Hype, a Jumbo-Hit. And if you're able to imagine it, to conceive of it and to materialize it I am sure that you can make BIG money from it. The Hype or the Hit is as old as the faculty Computer Science, but it's never obsolete. It's the Data-Gathering (Google makes tons of U$$ from this age-old Hype).

Scenario: Every business always wants to know;
a) How its customers behave,
b) What they need,
c) Why they spend,
d) Where they usually visit,
e) Which hobby and wares they pursue or buy

See? It's the famous H4W (HowWhatWhyWhereWhich) and is as old as Adam and Eve.

Your tools: Java, Android, Windows, Database, VideoCam and Bluetooth.
Your Market: Overcrowded with small shops, warehouses and little shopping malls.
Your Customers: Vietnam where the PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) is less than 2K U$$/year. ASEAN + China Market are very potential.

Why you try by all available means to reinvent the wheel when you can exploit this age-old business? Just take it, "modernize" and "beam" it into the Android-Cloud-Computing Age. Why you wait for some invention from the US or EU ?

Big firms like Metro AG (Germany) or Carrefour (France) or Walmart (US) always have big money to "bespeak" custom-made software, but little unknown firms in Vietnam, in Thailand or elsewhere in ASEAN usually have big trouble to get such a custom-made app for their "Asian" wares.
That's your chance,
Your opportunity and
It's YOUR gold mine for Money-Making.

1. Idea: Asian shops are not only different to European shops, but also tiny (mostly a family business). And they also crave for the H4W. Right ?
--> Your app should be adapted to this kind of shops.
2. Effort: Asian shop-owners are poorer and reluctant to spend their hard-earned money for a piece of Software which they don't know if it could be worth for their ROI (Return-On-Investment).
--> Your app should be adjusted to the PPP of this kind of customers.
3) Problem: Asian family-run business has less manpower than any big firm. No IT-Specialist, no big IT center.
--> your app must be able to run on a standalone PC or Cellular phone.
4) Expenditure: Asian family-run shops are absolutely cost-conscious. The more a software costs (maintenance, staff, etc.) the less they are willing to install a new software.
--> Your app must be neat, complete and relies less on dependent resources (e.g. Oracle's DB or MySQL, etc.)

SAP is, for example, the most famous German firm. Her Business software stands for "SystemAnalyse und Programmentwicklung" (System Analysis and Program Development). SAP positions herself in this area, but her SW and components must be custom-made by expensive SAP specialists and that is unreachable for any Vietnamese family-run business.

That is again YOUR opportunity.

Let start with:

1. Idea: High-tech gadgets (Cellular Phone, VideoCam, MicroPhone, Bluetooth components, etc.) are relatively inexpensive and available in Asia and in Vietnam. Use them and exploit them in your app:
- Video Camera as the eyes to focus on visiting customers or shopwindow-viewers and collect their behavior via their facial expression (like, neutral or repulsive), their appearance (rich, ordinary, poor), alone or with companion (male, female).
- Micro Phone as the ears to collect their comments about the exhibited wares
- Light-barrier to count the visits and the duration of each visit.

Manikins with EYES (VideoCam) and EARS (MicroPhone).
Courtesy: Manager Magazine
2. Effort: Android or Windows can work together via Java. Use this feature and combine them into your app.
- Order and/or Information with Cellular Phone (Android/Window CE/etc.)
- Accounting/Booking within a PC server (Windows, Linux, etc.)

3. Problem: The less an app requires for a maintenance the less it exposes problems. Use standard components (Android SDK, J2EE, etc.) to keep the problems "international"
- Bugs or problems can be Google-ed for a quick solution
- Bugs or problems can be posted for a possible solution on numerous forums

4. Expenditure: The more your app is your own development the better you can control your app and keep the cost down.
- Don't employ (free) other SW components when you have NO access to the sources (Problem)
- Don't exaggerate your app with sophisticated features and don't rely heavily on unnecessary products (e.g. MySQL or Oracle DB) when your app just deals with several hundreds or thousands of names and prices. JAVA APIs for Text- and File-Handling are good and efficient enough to reduce such an expenditure to the MAX.

Now you can start your very own SAP-like business for Vietnamese... GOOD LUCK !
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