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[long An - Software Developer - (java&oracle]

Discussion in 'Tuyển dụng nhân sự CNTT - IT recruitment' started by Ly Nguyen, 9/12/19.

  1. Ly Nguyen

    Ly Nguyen New Member

    [HOT HIT Moi người ơi :)]Hi mọi người . Mình đang tuyển dụng vị trí software developer cho công ty sản xuất của Hàn ở Long An.
    Dưới đây là mô tả công việc :
    Job description
    - Develop new tools and optimize current tools for all Dept. in company
    - Cooperate all departments in Head Office and all plants to collect requirement and analyse requirements
    - Maintenance and improve current tools
    - Customize and develop new function on FMS system
    - Maintain and Support, make sure all system run with database backup: FMS, Intipia, CMS system, DRM, SAP...
    - Liaise withKorea supplier for support cases
    - Attendance to deploy system, new tools for Livestock and maintain them.
    - Participate in training system for end-users.
    - Setup, backup and restore software and config Oracle database, PC, Servers
    - Other tasks assigned by IT manager
    Job Requirement
    - Good at Java programing, Oracle (Oracle form, Oracle report, PLSQL, POWER Builder 10.5, TOADs 11)
    - Experience with developing Mobile App(Android and IOS) is plus
    - More 3 years experience in application programing

    Với phúc lợi và lương hấp dẫn.
    Nếu mọi người quan tâm có thể email mình : hoặc qua skype : jenny0905_AC.

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