Is Sottware Engineering a hopeless Profession?


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Again I have found this article on a forum "Kỹ sư phần mềm – Thích ứng hay là sẽ bị thay thế". The author is doubtless a Software Engineer, or at least works in the IT branch. And I want to comment directly to the given link, but it seems to me that the link leads to somewhere in Nirvana. He polemicizes:
Một người bác sĩ khi học và tốt nghiệp xong, anh ấy bắt đầu hành nghề, có thể cả chục năm thì vẫn có thể hành nghề được nhưng lập trình viên thì không, đó là sự khác biệt trong nghề này...
I have to lay on the floor and laugh loudly =)) Maybe the author lives in an underdeloped nation and sees "bác sĩ" who "khi học và tốt nghiệp xong, anh ấy bắt đầu hành nghề, có thể cả chục năm thì vẫn có thể hành nghề được." He errs tremendously. In a developed nation a Bác sĩ has to update and upskill their knowledge regularly. For example: in Germany a Bác sĩ has to update and upskill the knowledge within every 5-years.
Fortbildungsverpflichtung nach § 95d SGB V
Ärzte und Psychotherapeuten müssen – unabhängig davon, ob sie niedergelassen, ermächtigt oder angestellt sind – innerhalb von fünf Jahren mindestens 250 Fortbildungspunkte bei ihrer KV nachweisen. Als Beleg gilt ein Zertifikat der Ärztekammer.
(Physicians and psychotherapists must must provide evidence of at least 250 advanced training points within five years...)

China (and Vietnam, Korea, Japan) was advanced during the middle age when the European nations still lived in superstition and ignorance. The Catholic Church was the divine institution. Wise women were burnt on the stakes, wise men were banned or coerced to recant their knowledge. As Galileo asserted that the Earth did rotate around the Sun he was tried by the Inquisition, found "vehemently suspect of heresy", and forced to recant. He spent the rest of his life under house arrest (Wiki). While the European started to develop and to develop China (and Vietnam) leaned back and kept what they had learned from the elders. NO further learning, nor any new development (bác sĩ khi học và tốt nghiệp xong, anh ấy bắt đầu hành nghề, có thể cả chục năm thì vẫn có thể hành nghề được). The result was devastated: Giant China was defeated by an European dwarf Portugal. A bunch of dog-tired French sailors from thousands of kilometers away was able to colonize Vietnam. Today, the Western medicine and technique, even in every cultural life such as clothing or music, still dominate China (and Vietnam). If the Vietnamese complain about the inequity between "Bác sĩ" and engineering profession then Vietnam will fall back into the 15th century.

Further, with every new challenge, for example COVID-19, the Western medical and pharmacological men and women start to research by learning the unknown and to develop vaccines to fight against the new epidemic which came from Wuhan and is now the deadliest pandemic. And the vaccines were firstly developed in May 2020 in Russia (Sputnik), also in the West, before China released its own vaccine (24 June 2020). While Vietnamese "Bác sĩ" still rechew the old grub they have learned years ago, the medical/pharmacological people in the West made a quantum leap forward. Today we know which vaccines are more effective and which one is bad and where the bad one comes from. Btw, the rich rather go to France or to the States for treatment of their illness than to let themselves treat for the same illness in Vietnam. And that says a lot about the "skill" and "competence" of Vietnamese Bác sĩ.

If the engineers are as lazy as the Vietnamese "Bác sĩ" we still stay with steam engines or magnet cores computers, still have to work with COBOL, FORTRAN or ALGOL. And the computer is still as big as a truck. Unaffordable for the laypeople. Vietnam must wake up and learns from Japan/S.Korea to rely on itself and develops its own products. Bác sĩ and celebs have to work to contribute to the economic development of the country, not to bigmouth with calling for donation or with blaring of ancient songs.

Companies that demand from their engineers to work with existed tools instead of the self-developed are short-sighted. They attrite and waste the engineers by turning them to uninventive robots which adeptly work with all the purchased tools, but unable to create their own tools. Laravel? React Native? Spring/Hibernate? All that turns the "developers" to the unimaginative users. That is NOT the development and learning from the unknown. It is the rumination of an old chewing gum.
từ những năm 1940. Các lập trình viên (programmer) đầu tiên đều là những người theo toán học...Đến cuối những năm 1990...Đây là những người thay vì sở hữu bằng đại học chính quy như trước, lại chỉ có các chứng chỉ như đào tạo kỹ thuật quân sự hoặc bằng cấp liên kết về lập trình thực hành, hoặc đơn giản là tự học nhờ Internet.
Absurd. Software Engineering and Mathematics are like "lips and teeth". No lips = no teeth. All Asian contributions to Software knowledge (e.g. Phong Shading) were developed OUTSIDE Asia and in the West (the US). Yukihiro Matsumoto developed RUBY as he lived in San Francisco. If the Vietnamese believe in such a hogwash that the "Dần dần, nhóm lập trình mới này bước vào lĩnh vực công nghệ phần mềm với title như “programmer”, “developer”, trái ngược với những “engineer” hoặc đơn giản là tự học nhờ Internet" it is like a big tree which was planted in Hanoi some years ago without roots and blown down by a gust. Without a basic knowledge (math and software Engineering) is like without the roots. And nothing comes out. Why? A Marketing law says "for every letter to 1000 potential customers you might get one reply". Or in other words: for 1000 "đơn giản là tự học nhờ Internet" Vietnam could get one excellent "Phong Shading" or one "Matsumoto" developer...who then lives in the West or works for a Japanese/S.Korean company.
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