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Thu Nhât: Tôi muôn biên bài blog này bàng tiêng Viêt, nhung tôi không có du chu... Eh uh then in English. Noboby wants to be beholden as a wimp. But as a superman? Eh..uh...

An Indian English word "fresher" is somehow natutalized by Vietnamese. And I dislike this word. Not because it's Indian English but it is WRONG in good English. It suggests an university student of the FIRST year, not a graduate. Freshers...NO, "fresh" graduates always face the toughest question of life: "How to get a good job?"

The answer is usually dubious. Asking around is never a good idea. The reason is simple: nobody likes to bear the responsibility for the future failure of the young man or young woman. Hence the advice is more or less generic -or in other word: useless. The "freshers" learned a lot in the university (Latin: universus and it means an Entity or a Wholeness. In Vietnamese Dai Hoc = Great Learning). But they didn't learn how to jump into the working world. No, to be more precise: they weren't taught how to prepare themselves before leaving the friendly, nice campus and plunging into a dangerous shark tank. Shark tank? Yes. It's about life or death. Full of deceptions and lies.

The newbies are easy meat for the Headhunters (HH) and Human Resource managers (HRM). They are stooges of the the Men an Women in the Shadow (MaWitS) called the "Bosses". If MaWitS really concern about their company they have, emphasize HAVE, to interview the applicants personally. It's about their very own company, isn't it? One won't let his "property" administer by a stranger (HH or HRM), am I right?

HH and HRM task is to hunt the best meat at the lowest cost for the MaWitS. Because, they -the HH and HRM- have nothing to do than day in, day out to sharpen their only tool: grill the newbies, to barbecue them as deli for the bosses: best brains for a fistful of dollars. Hence they've learned by heart a lot of buzzwords: SQL-AI-ML-DM-DS-NodeJS-SPRING MVC-Angular-PYTHON-Android-iOS-Bla..bla...

And if you think that they're "really" experts of that what they "prattle" then you err tremendously. They are solely the modern Eunuchs who can talk loudly about Making-Love without being able to perform such a thing that they talk about. And if you believe them you become their easy meat.

In case that you confront such a loudmouth I recommend you to use your trained "Great Learning" to counter his/her buzzwords with your own buzzwords (e.g. "You certainly know that CP -stands for Concurrent Programming- can solve a lot of BN -stands for Bottleneck- IT problems, don't you?". What IT problems, what CP/BN you naturally won't tell him or her, right?).

Now what? The youngsters who mastered the "Great Learning" behave helpless and act awkwardly like some bad-oiled-bad-developed humanoids. Easy meat. Their parents duck. Their government ducks. All duck. The newbies start to duck, too. What a shame!

it walks like a duck
it quacks like a duck
it looks like a duck
it must be a duck
The newbies become the ducks -the Peking ducks for HH and HRM and the MaWitS.

I ask myself why won't they behave like their western counterparts and take the initiative into their own hands? It's about you yourself: be independent, be more confident (because you have finished the "Great Learning") and work out what you have trained for during the "Great Learning":
  • global thinking,
  • systematic planning and
  • schematic acting.
All that is what the Dai Hoc is purposed and prepared for.

Let start with the CV -Curriculum Vitae- a brief and concise reflection of your life. Brief means short, concise means short-and-precise. A brief and concise CV should be drafted carefully and precisely about oneself, not a verbose biography. The reason is simple: YOU are not the only one who apllies for the job. There're probably hundreds or thousands. Also hundreds or thousands of CV pile up in front of a HH or HRM. He/she has no time for every CV. So, his/her reaction is foreseeable: look briefly on the concise CV. Long CV goes straight to the basket.

The CV must be precise and concise: It should consist of:

  • name,
  • address
  • email and phone

  • school (name, years)
  • college (name, years)
  • university (name, years)
  • final certificate (with note).

  • IT (e.g. C/C++, JAVA, etc.)
  • DB (e.g. SQL)
  • advanced (Machine Learning, Big Data, etc.)
  • training (short description)
  • projects in the school/college/university (short description)

Don't be too naive and expose your religion (HH or HRM may be against your religion), your family status (single, married, divorced because HH or HRM can draw some negative conclusion about your living status) and your hobby (which could tell HH/HRM more about you: a lone wolf).

Don't be talkative and verbose. A CV is a short overview about you yourself: who are you, what you can and what you have done. It isn't a thick novel "paperback" about your colorful life. Remember: the boss has little time, to browse your "CV paperback". On the contrary, merely the view of your multiple-pages CV makes him stupor to read. And your application is damned to fail. Hence: your CV must be brief without any redundancy. Example:
01 Jan. 2014 - 30 - 30 Sept. 2016: Company XYZ as Senior Web Designer. Responsible for the web
....................................................presentation of the company and all its subsidiaries.
The reason is simple: all the details are in your Employment Reference. And if the boss is interested in your application he finds it and reads it.

Life awards only those who have courage and dare to take initiative into their own hands. Everyone sends his/her application to the company where (s)he want to apply and waits for weeks for an answer. Why you should do the same? Why don't you put your CV and all your papers in a map and go straight to the company and demand to talk directly with the Boss (or HRM)? Surprise is the mother of every success -in the battlefield and in a workplace.

My only advice: Freshers, eh NO. "Newbies", be independent, be confident, be self-assured. Take initiative into your own hands and do what you want to do. Don't let the other interfere your approach. Think about your long future. It's yours, not theirs. And believe me: the HH or HRM never care about what you do or how you suffer. And the MaWitS reap the fruits from your sweaty work...and become rich, very rich, filthy rich...
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