[Hà Nội] Cơ hội việc làm cho vị trí BrSE (Java)

** About the company: An outsource Japan company.

** Salary Range: : up to 2000$ gross

** Job Description:
• Engage in software design, application for retail customers, sales management, technical implementation support, QA answers, product acceptance testing products with Vietnamese software engineers

** Requirements:
• Experience in programming with Java
• Experience in working on a project from the software design stage
• Japanese level N2 or higher, ability to communicate in Japanese well
• Priority to candidates who have experience working directly with Japanese customers
• Good teamwork, able to withstand high pressure

** Benefits:
• Travel allowance, lunch allowance, Japanese allowance, onsite allowance when participating in the client side project ...
• Bonus Tet holidays, 13th month salary, excellent quarterly, annual staff bonus, outstanding employees Japanese calendar.
• Vacation according to company schedules, holidays according to Japanese customers' schedules, in addition to the prescribed holidays, 1 more year 2 long breaks.
• Health insurance, social insurance, unemployment insurance in accordance with the Labor Law.
• Premium health insurance for all employees.
• Annual health check-up at prestigious hospitals (Thu Cuc Hospital, Medlatec Hospital ...)

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