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Do-It-Yourself: Your own ANDROID Kernel

Discussion in 'Rom & Root Android' started by Joe, 14/7/13.

  1. Joe

    Joe Thành viên VIP

    Hi Javadroids,
    the hype about Android is deafening and fatally contagious. I would like to join the hype but I've already been too familiar with Android. I'm Android-immune:(. Because you all are so eager to master Android and want to be the best Android-developers I'd like to propose you this way which I've made and become an Android-connoisseur (= to acquire the Android-immunity): Do-It-Yourself and build an OWN ANDROID Kernel -Download directly from Google:

    3 minor Preconditions:
    - Good C understanding
    - Good LINUX understanding
    - Good Sense for Operating System (generally)

    I'm very sure that you all are able to do this menial task. It isn't difficult at all. Believe me. Furthermore: If you were successful with your own Android Kernel you would acquire a very deep inside view of Android, become immediately a superb Android expert and you could join the Google Android core development group and co-determine the future direction of any Android development. But more important: Contributed and co-developed BY VIETNAMESE.
    This little piece in C here shows you how a component of Android kernel looks like: the socket.c of the package net. A piece of cake, isn't it ? ;)
    Good luck and have fun with your OWN Android Kernel.
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  2. corek

    corek New Member

    Are you waiting for a reply, who cares your post? /:)

    In fact, I have no much experiences in Linux kernel as well as Android kernel. In the university, we got a course called Operating System. We learnt some topics like process scheduler, memory management, file system, ... And then we learnt shell script to do some excercises on Ubuntu. With some crazies, i made a program to manage CD store by shell but it's interesting. Linux was introduced in Open Source Software Development course (optionally), but i think it's in surface knowledge. And now, i want to go with Android's wave but in another way beside Android main flow.

    Could you please recommend a course or a material to me to study in-depth Linux, Joe? Thank you. ;)
  3. Joe

    Joe Thành viên VIP

    Your err completely. I don't care about my audience, I don't wait for any reply. Whoever reads it or ignores it it isn't my concern. I give the hint and NEVER ask anyone to obey or following it. Whoever wrote directly to me as you did I reply. That's all. Except the posting for a help to find out the address of a poor Vietnamese (whom I would like to help financially and JackV did for me this favor) I NEVER post or ask for any help.
    I know nothing about Vietnamese educational level in Vietnamese university. So I decline to comment. However, if an university doesn't teach its students to "assemble" an Operating System or to create a runnable OS then this university is not qualified to be called UNIVERSITY and to teach the young folk. The worst thing is the half-knowledge. An English proverb says "A little knowing is very dangerous" It's true because little Knowing makes people blind and arrogant.
    It depends on your interest: How far ? How deep ? You don't need to attend any (remote) course. It's sufficient to be autodidactic. Google for:
    - Task-Scheduling
    - Time-Slice processing
    - Compiler Technology (or Problem-Oriented Programming Language)
    - Paging/swapping principles
    - Semaphore technique
    - The principles of Operation (memory addressing and management and synchronization)
    - The communication technology (the OSI 7 layers) and TCP-UDP/IP
    For Android is enough when you'd be able to assemble the kernel BY YOURSELF - there you'll learn all the above mentioned topics.

    PS. You can join Kokichi to study this:
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  4. corek

    corek New Member

    Thành thật xin lỗi Joe, câu nói ở trên không có ý công kích hay tấn công Joe đâu, ý tiếng Việt của nó là đây "Bạn có đang mong chờ những phản hồi của những ai quan tâm đến chủ đề này không". Nếu câu tiếng Việt này nói lên giọng một chút thì thật sự là có ý không tốt tới ai đó nhưng nói như ở đây với giọng hài một chút thì lại là một câu nói đùa với người quen thân thiết vậy đó :((
    Một lần nữa xin lỗi Joe về sự hiểu lầm đáng tiếc này, thật là lỗi của mình.

    Yes, I'll join this course and Theory of Probability in here:

    Thank Joe for your advice.
  5. Joe

    Joe Thành viên VIP

    Buddy, it's OK:). The web is the best University if you know what you're looking for and how you use your wit, your intelligence to judge the materials you read or study. Take care.
  6. corek

    corek New Member

    Yes, Theory of Probability course is for your AI course, i want to get basic knowledge before join your AI course in Congdongjava.

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