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For helps on CongdongJava.

Three NOs:
1) NO screenshot of exception list, nor a screenshot of a code segment.
2) NO lapidary description of exceptions or bugs without source codes.
3) NO request for help or for a solution of a homework.

The request must be posted with the following preconditions:
1) Reproducible problems or exceptions with the min. runnable codes. How to post the source codes: read Hướng Dẫn Việc Post Code Cho Dễ Nhìn Với Tag [ Java ]

2) Because I don't want to CORRECT your codes with Windows NOTEPAD please neutralize all Strings with Vietnamese characters with NON-accented characters so that any ASCII editor can read them. Example:
change "Điều kiện tiên quyết" to "Dieu kien tien quyet".
Due to the clarity and because CongdongJava lacks of Admins and Mods I will remove all postings which don't match the mentioned preconditions.

The following screenshot shows you how to post a JAVA source:
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