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I follow the news on Vietnamese ONLINE papers to keep my Vietnamese knowledge. But the more I read the papers the more I wonder about the society in Vietnam. Road users drive like the maniacs or attack and insult the Police officers. People resist and break the Covid-orders. BUT: the celebs behave in Vietnam as if they were the Extra-Terrestrials (or ET) as well as Vietnam and the Vietnamese people owe them everything. Are they Vietnamese? NO. So far I could read from the papers some of them are NOT. They are the ET who live in Vietnam and shovel money out of the poor working Vietnamese.


With the money from Vietnam these ET buy several luxury properties on the Planet USA or on the Planet EU. For example, the wanna-be Elvis Presley with the name "Dam Van Hung" owns 5 big houses on the Planet USA, valley California (source: Or HOW this impertinent "celeb" Giang Kim Cúc sees the poor as some "trash"
Gia đình "nạn nhân" của Giang Kim Cúc cầu cứu: Bị mắng "nghèo mà không biết hợp tác", sốc đến mức muốn tự tử
Nhóm Nhất Tâm tố Giang Kim Cúc "đút túi" 74 triệu tiền mua máy phát điện cho đồng bào miền Trung

Well, I am not jealous. I am rich enough and live myself on the other Planet, too. As long as these ET work and make money legally in Vietnam they are entitled to do that what they want. We are in a capitalist era, aren't we? And we can do or buy whatever we long as the money is ours.

BUT: the origin of their money they made was either from skulduggery or, for the worst, from the charities which they have set up and called for donations. A Businesswoman, Mrs. Nguyễn Phương Hằng, has once revealed the crookery of an ET Võ Nguyễn Hoài Linh who is the citizen of the Planet USA. 13.4 billion VND (~582267 US$) is even on the Planet USA a real handsome sum. Since this week I learn more about the different ugly scandals with charity money committed by the other ET. ET Thuy Tiên, ET Trân Thành, etc. And the Vietnamese seem to be hypnotized by these ET scums.

Why that? It's out of my understanding. The ET in Vietnam shouldn't stretch the bow too much with greed and rascality. It could be the worst for them like in China. The Chinese Gov reacts a little too late, but hard, harsh and severe:
Entertainment stars face citizenship dilemma in China Nicolas Tse told state media he was renouncing his Canadian citizenship.

Tse, 40, was among nine movie and TV stars urged by netizens recently to cancel their foreign nationalities if they still wanted to make money in mainland China, according to an unofficial list widely circulated on social media after Chinese actress Zheng Shuang was fined 299 million yuan (US$46.3 million) for tax evasion in late August.
Since 2016, mainland media have reported that dozens of movie stars were holding foreign passports though audiences thought they were Chinese. They included Canadian pop idol Kris Wu Yifan, who has been arrested for alleged involvement in sex crimes, Singaporean actress Gong Li and actor Jet Li, American actress Crystal Liu Yifei and Britain actor and film director Zhang Tielin.
The question is for "little China": WHEN Vietnam will follow the big brother China and tells its crooks to renounce their ET citizenship if they still want to make money in Vietnam so that the Vietnamese laws can be enforced and are valid for and against them...
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