Chieftain or just a Tribesman?


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My new hobby is to read the Job-Offering. You know, it's full of funny contradiction. Especially when the weather is gloomy and rainy it's the best time to surf the Web for the Job-Offering. It's so odd and hilarious that I forget the gloomy weather and my temper becomes jolly and calm.

Today, in the Covid-19 era everyone is suspected as a dangerous Covid-19 exporter and that makes our life gloomier and gloomier. The Gov of everywhere prohibits us to come together, to go elsewhere -even to Cinema or to the Olympic Games. The Gov says "YOU. Yes YOU. You have to stay home. Dot." And we have no other choice than to stay home, or we risk a hefty fine if we disobey the Gov.

Well, then it's time to study the Job-Offering and to cheer up your gloomy mood. I warranty you that your mood will be brighter and happier after each line you read. You won't believe me? Well, here, in the CongdongJava's folder "Tuyển dụng nhân sự CNTT - IT recruitment" you have a lot of chance to be lucky and jolly.
  • Strong team player: This term indicates that you should be a Chieftain of a tribe. You see your team members as your tribesmen and tribeswomen who have to obey you.
  • Leadership with solid experience: You must be a reckless dictator or a brutal despot with solid execution experience.
Two reasonable requirements that sound quite right. However, a team is like a tribe in the IT Jungle. And as you know, every tribe has a chieftain who has the strongest will among the tribesmen and tribeswomen. Only such a reckless person can rule the tribe with iron fist. Not the one who is able in a team and consensual to everyone. The funny question is: "who on earth is the chieftain and who are the tribesmen and tribeswomen?" Probably it's so: everyone who applies for the job with these "requirements" is a chieftain and if 10 were employed the company would have 10 chieftains and there was NO tribesman or tribeswoman. A funny tribe, isn't it?

And a leadership requires 4 indispensable traits:
  1. selfish: for me, for me and for me again,
  2. reckless: without emotion to everyone -even to his own father or own son,
  3. conscienceless: ready to blame the other if thing went wrong. Grab the success from the other (or team) and claim that it was his own work,
  4. greedy: always more than the rest (of the team)
All billionaire bigshots possess the most excellent "leadership". They are extremely selfish, incredibly reckless, absolutely conscienceless and profoundly greedy.

You don't believe me? Let look at Trump. Trump is an old and very rich man. But Trump is greedy after the title POTUS (President Of The US) with a meager salary of 400K US$ per year. Or Steve Jobs. Jobs rode on Success as the Apple-Man. But Steve Wozniak is the real man who built an Apple computer.

What type of man are you? If you have the 4 aforementioned traits your future as a (billionaire) bigshot is secure...
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We all want to be leaders, but not everyone can =))
What is the situation of Covid-19 in your country? Are you OK?
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Oh...Everywhere people behave headless and the Govs react like the imbecile. In France I am NOT allowed to go farther than 2Km from my home >:)
Btw, CongdongJava has 4 Chieftains and I myself am just a Tribesman.
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Its good to see your humor this time.
Can't be kidding with this virus. It's fast and furious.
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