Có thể làm việc ở Nhật Bản mà không biết tiếng Nhật chỉ biết tiếng Anh có được không?


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This funny title I have found on a Vietnamese forum. Can you imagine that you are NEITHER a famous person, NOR the best expert to find a work in any country in the world without having to understand the basics of the local speaking language? Impossible, isn't it? Well, if a clueless person asks such a question this person is 100% NEITHER a famous person, NOR the best expert. Otherwise this person knows that such a question boomerangs on him or her as a clueless person, or the worst: a stupid man or woman.

Not only JAPAN. Even every underdeveloped nation won't let such clueless or stupid person come in. The simplest reason is that this person won't be able to find even the lowest job and has to live on the social mercy (welfare or dole) of the guest nation. An unnecessary burden for this nation, isn't it?

And that is the problem of the people who live in a "poor" nation and daydreams an easy life in a "rich" nation. They are clueless how hard the locals in "a rich nation" have to work. Nothing comes from nothing. And they try by all means to come to any rich nation in the EU or to the USA or Japan or S. Korea or the cold Canada and become disillusioned. Their reaction is usually very negative. Some become terrorists (like the fanatic Islamists) or go into seclusion in a ghetto of their own people.

But the worst thing is their family or relatives at home. They expect, no, they demand too much. It's his or her responsibility for them at home that the young man or woman had to make big money and would send a LARGE share home for them. Absolutely Ironic is that "the poor" at home prosper while the "unskilled man or woman" abroad has to toil like a slave for a misery sum. In a rich country one needs only to gather the money lying on the streets. Is that not right?

My advise: if you want to work abroad for money you have firstly inform yourself about this country, its language, its common habits, the living standard and its working ethics before you make a move. Even you just want to migrate to this country you have to prepare yourself for the unexpected circumstance: the language, the working ethics, etc. And don't be a fool and storm into the hellish perdition...
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