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Before post your stuff in "Ứng dụng cho Android" Please read here carefully

Discussion in 'Ứng dụng cho Android' started by Joe, 27/1/16.

  1. Joe

    Joe Thành viên VIP

    Hi every member of CongdongJava

    CongdongJava forum is a place where people meet and exchange their coding, programming experience.

    It is not purposed for anyone, even active or new member, to post his or her ads linked to his/her little app for sale on Google Store. Anyone who advertises his/ her "product" here will be reminded, his/her ads will be removed, and if he or she repeats his/her advertising on this forum he or she will be banned.

    I know that it's hard to make money. Believe me. It's also hard to make money in the States or in the EU, too. But an advanced society is only warranted or kept on progressing when everyone has to respect the rules and the others. Otherwise we'll have chaos and our society will sink into anarchy. And that means: Being in the third world and that is not very honorable.

    And, as Tranhuy said, this forum is for developers and developers don't need little apps of anybody. If you do want to know how good your little app is and if it's salable THEN POST YOUR SOURCES here so that everyone of this CongdongJava has an opportunity to study and to exchange his or her experience with you.

    Note: Do you know that Google makes more than 32 billion US$ from Google Store? Google lets you sell your little app and cashes some percent from your profit and if that's OK with you then why don't you give the owner of this forum some percent of your profit when you "post" your ads for product sale here ?
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